Converting your database to UTF8

How convert your SQL_ASCII database that contains ASCII, LATIN1, and UTF8 into a UTF8 database. I will go over writing the functions that you will need to find the various encoding and how to export them and import them into the new UTF8 database.

  • How to convert your database from mixed encoding to UTF8
  • How to find non-ascii characters in your database
  • How to search every field in your database without knowing schema, table or field names
  • How to find the primary key(s) fields for a row of data
  • How to find the primary key(s) field data for a row of data
  • How to identify a unique row of data if there is no primary key and there are two identical rows of data and no oids
  • How to create an array of arrays
  • How to extract non-ascii values from text
  • How to look at the non-ascii values to guess the encoding type
  • How to convert from one encoding to another
  • How to perform partial backups for each character encoding that needs to be converted
  • How to perform array comparisons