Using GIS in Postgres โ€“ Real World Examples of PostGIS

In this presentation we will go over basics of how to install and use PostGIS.

  • Install Local Postgis / Cloud Solutions
  • How to calculate distance between two Airports/Points/Locations using
    • The old school math using the "Spherical Law of Cosines" and "Haversine" formulas.
    • The new school PostGIS method of doing the same math for calculating the distance
  • How to calculate flight time and cost between Airports/Points/Locations.
  • Tiger Datasets (FREE)
  • World Administrative Datasets (FREE)
  • Natural Earth Hypsometric Tints (FREE)
  • Google - Visual Representation of GIS data - Sample
  • QGIS - Visual Representation of GIS data - Samples

The notes in the Power Point version of this presentation contain many reference links for everything described in this presentation including math, datasets, etc.