PGConf Local: Seattle 2017 - Presentation Announcement

The first ever PGConf US Local: Seattle event is happening in partnership with SEAPUG on November 13th and 14th at the Sheraton Downtown Seattle!

On November 13th we have four training options available:

Mastering PostgreSQL Administration by Bruce Momjian
Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL by Jim Mlodgenski
Postgres Performance and Maintenance by Joshua (JD) Drake
Database Automation by Robert Bernier

Tickets are now available!

SeaPUG members may enter the code SEAPUG for a 20% discount on General Admission tickets.

On November 14th we have 14 break-out sessions between the Development and Operations tracks. A sample of our break-out sessions is available below but please check the full schedule for all of the fantastic content!

Using GIS in PostgreSQL by Lloyd Albin
PostgreSQL v10 an Amplified version of Postgres!
Using Kubernetes/Docker/Helm to Deploy On-Demand PostgreSQL Streaming Replicas
Postgres Window Magic
BDR Around the globe

Full Schedule:

We would not be able to produce PGConf Local: Seattle 2017 without the generous support from our sponsors:

• Diamond: Amazon Web Services
• Platinum: Compose, OpenSCG, 2ndQuadrant
• Supporter: Command Prompt
• Media: @amplifypostgres

Sponsorship opportunities for the conference are still available. If you use Postgres, support Postgres, or if you are looking to recruit a local Postgres expert, this is a great opportunity. Become a part of our dynamic and growing ecosystem! The prospectus is available at: